Ghosts of Cooper Creek

I live and breathe the silences and dust where no man reigns…         – Cold Chisel, Wild Colonial Boy Dawn at Cooper Creek.  Day begins early out here in the far north-east corner of South Australia.  Long before first light seeps into the sky, the birds are awake: screeching and wailing and… Continue reading Ghosts of Cooper Creek

Fifty Shades of Green

Wandering among the graves, I am struck by the thought that it was from quiet country parishes like this that many of New Zealand’s early settlers came from and that maybe, just maybe, one of my own ancestors may have once walked in this very place.


Hong Kong has a secret alter ego. Beyond Stanley – a trendy seaside suburb on a peninsula suspended from the south coast of Hong Kong Island – the Wilson Trail climbs steeply up the flank of Ma Kong Shan. A cool breeze blows in from the South China Sea, rustling through the leaves of the… Continue reading A WALK ACROSS THE ROOFTOPS

Wide Awake in Dreamland

Out here nothing changes, not in a hurry anyway. You feel the endlessness, running on the light of day…                  – Goanna, Solid Rock Before the Dreamtime there was nothing.  The Earth was flat and lifeless; no stars glittered in the sky.  The universe was dark and silent. … Continue reading Wide Awake in Dreamland

The House of Blakiston

I come from Geraldine. Someone had to. My hometown, Geraldine, on New Zealand’s South Island, doesn’t have any notable citizens. We can’t lay claim to being the birthplace of a great politician, or an eminent scientist, or even some famous deviant, serial killer or chef. The closest thing Geraldine has to a celebrity is Jordan… Continue reading The House of Blakiston

Welcome to TravelWriterLife

  Hello, and welcome to my blog: TravelWriterLife. For the next six years my other blog, CurseOfTheTraveller, will be dedicated to daily posts of entries from my travel diaries written between September 1988 and June 1994. With that in mind, I decided to launch another blog where my travel stories, photography and other bits could… Continue reading Welcome to TravelWriterLife