The House of Blakiston

I come from Geraldine. Someone had to. My hometown, Geraldine, on New Zealand’s South Island, doesn’t have any notable citizens. We can’t lay claim to being the birthplace of a great politician, or an eminent scientist, or even some famous deviant, serial killer or chef. The closest thing Geraldine has to a celebrity is Jordan… Continue reading The House of Blakiston

The City of Light

“I dig my toes into the sand; The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds, strewn across a blue blanket…”                                  – Incubus, Wish You Were Here Dawn on Tahunanui Back Beach. At this hour, the beach is empty: a strand of grey sand adorned with a tide-wrack of driftwood. Off to the west, the heaped blue… Continue reading The City of Light


“The earthquake struck at two minutes and fifty-six seconds past midnight. Deep underground, the ancient rocks of Zealandia ruptured. With a gigantic, tectonic shudder, the edges of two continental plates slipped sideways. The Earth roared. Coastlines leapt. Hillsides collapsed. As the shockwaves propagated outwards, away from the initial rupture, the ground opened. Straight lines suddenly… Continue reading Prologue

Welcome to TravelWriterLife

  Hello, and welcome to my blog: TravelWriterLife. For the next six years my other blog, CurseOfTheTraveller, will be dedicated to daily posts of entries from my travel diaries written between September 1988 and June 1994. With that in mind, I decided to launch another blog where my travel stories, photography and other bits could… Continue reading Welcome to TravelWriterLife