“The earthquake struck at two minutes and fifty-six seconds past midnight. Deep underground, the ancient rocks of Zealandia ruptured. With a gigantic, tectonic shudder, the edges of two continental plates slipped sideways. The Earth roared. Coastlines leapt. Hillsides collapsed.

As the shockwaves propagated outwards, away from the initial rupture, the ground opened. Straight lines suddenly became curves. The ocean drained away from the shoreline. In the dark ranges, unseen and unheard, avalanches of grey stone crashed into the valleys. Rivers changed course and the sharp, ozone smell of shattered rock filled the air. The entire island stretched, becoming two metres longer as the fault-lines scraped violently past each other. To keen-eyed observers, and there would soon be a record number of them, the atlas of the world changed, suddenly and irrevocably…”





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