Moonlight Encounter

The inlets and coves, slotted into the coastline like notches on a sailor’s knife handle… I was jumped on by a possum at Curio Bay. Now that’s not a sentence you’ll read very often. It was just after ten o’clock at night and I was standing on a headland overlooking the bay, with surf booming… Continue reading Moonlight Encounter

Ghosts of Cooper Creek

I live and breathe the silences and dust where no man reigns…         – Cold Chisel, Wild Colonial Boy Dawn at Cooper Creek.  Day begins early out here in the far north-east corner of South Australia.  Long before first light seeps into the sky, the birds are awake: screeching and wailing and… Continue reading Ghosts of Cooper Creek


Hong Kong has a secret alter ego. Beyond Stanley – a trendy seaside suburb on a peninsula suspended from the south coast of Hong Kong Island – the Wilson Trail climbs steeply up the flank of Ma Kong Shan. A cool breeze blows in from the South China Sea, rustling through the leaves of the… Continue reading A WALK ACROSS THE ROOFTOPS

Wide Awake in Dreamland

Out here nothing changes, not in a hurry anyway. You feel the endlessness, running on the light of day…                  – Goanna, Solid Rock Before the Dreamtime there was nothing.  The Earth was flat and lifeless; no stars glittered in the sky.  The universe was dark and silent. … Continue reading Wide Awake in Dreamland

The House of Blakiston

I come from Geraldine. Someone had to. My hometown, Geraldine, on New Zealand’s South Island, doesn’t have any notable citizens. We can’t lay claim to being the birthplace of a great politician, or an eminent scientist, or even some famous deviant, serial killer or chef. The closest thing Geraldine has to a celebrity is Jordan… Continue reading The House of Blakiston

The City of Light

“I dig my toes into the sand; The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds, strewn across a blue blanket…”                                  – Incubus, Wish You Were Here Dawn on Tahunanui Back Beach. At this hour, the beach is empty: a strand of grey sand adorned with a tide-wrack of driftwood. Off to the west, the heaped blue… Continue reading The City of Light